Stewardship starts when you verify the Green in your Existing Single Family Home Property.

The all new Third Party analyzing tool with recommendations for your homes greater sustainability. By verifying the green design traits in your homes structure and property, you have committed to the sustainability of our planet, community, and inhabitants environment. Home Owners take the steps to GAPScore Verifying.


The GAPScore Survey & Analysis Tool is comprised from green home design certifications.

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The survey has been expanded to provide a comprehensive green view of the property.

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Single Family Homes are all different. They are also much the same.

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The GAPScore Survey & Analysis Tool is comprised from green home design certifications and ratings from around the world. It takes your answers from the survey of common features and compares your similarities to the greenest homes on the planet, provides a comprehensive report, and recommendations to get to the next level of sustainability.

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A Code for Entry especially for J.M. Kaplan Innovation Prize Reviewers

We're excited to release that GAPScore is an entry in the Innovation Prize from JM Kaplan and the JMK Fund. Please enter for free using code JMKAPLAN ...
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