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GAPScore, Inc.

831 N. Marion St.

Oak Park, Illinois 60302

Steve Pohlman


831 N. Marion St.

Oak Park, Illinois


Steve. Pohlman@gapscore.com

Kathleen Hammer

Chief Administration Officer

831 N. Marion St.

Oak Park, I



Joseph Hubeny

Principle CFO

200 E. Chicago Ave.

Westmont, Illinois 60023



GAPScore, Inc. was incorporated (2009) to allow Associates and Equity Partners that are dedicated to the environment the ability to create and devise our final products. Without their dedication and commitment, GAPScore would not exist. The list is continually growing and the influences are global. From development to consulting, our team of financial and equity service partners are amazingly adapt to community and the markets of their expertise. An immense thanks to our many Partners

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That people will buy and sell homes with evidence of environmental merit.

Philosophy Statement

Integrity plus Action

Our Planet deserves our greatest integrity.

Integrity in our business is supreme. It defines the true nature and success of a company. Where others have lead with set standards, we follow with integrity. We lead with integrity and others follow through our examples.

The integrity internally with our personnel and customers makes us friends, comrades, confidants, and mentors as well as business partners.

Integrity strengthens the bonds between each entity of our business and that is the measure for success.

Integrity breeds longevity in relationships and is treated with respect and as delicately as each relationship.

We all make mistakes. However, the goal is to keep those from happening and at a minimum. Because of the new environment of our business, mistakes are expected. We rely on our staff, customers and peers to be open about the mistakes that happen and correct them as soon as possible with the utmost priority status.

We do not create problems. We provide professionalism and expertise to create innovative solutions to problems. Solutions of which in-turn create opportunities for many.

Integrity plus action is our key to success.

Our satisfaction comes as a reward for assisting all of those in contact with our services while educating with respect and dignity to our Earth.

Doing Good.

Our Company is established to promote and advocate “good”. Doing good is not as easy or as difficult as it may seem. Doing good for yourself, your neighbors, and life on our planet is the primary goal. We may not be the best at doing good, as others have excellent causes to promote good. The good that we accomplish is directed to being less of an impact on the planet. We are brilliant, intellectual, and emotional about our cause due to the fact that it is all for good.

Mission Statement

Our mission is to provide a premier green indexing service to home owners, buyers, sellers, and real estate professionals of existing residences.

To provide a pathway via the existing real estate system with the use of technology for Homes Owners to educate themselves on their way to performing green upgrades.

We shall allow Home Sellers the right to promote the greener traits in their property, and allow Home Buyers a guide to help find a healthy and potentially greener property in which to live.

To help the people on this planet reduce waste and harmful emissions, which affect all of us, through the combination of existing social systems and implementing innovative techniques.

If you are interested in joining our corporate organization, opportunities are open.

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