Download Reports

Download Reports

Upon completion of the GAPScore Survey, the option to submit your answers to the analyzer will place your homes GAPScore into your My Homes account.

The GAPScore Home Report is an informational report for you to keep on file in PDF form. GAPScore reports can be used in home-for-sale marketing material, rental property sales, community reporting, and lending organizations as an informational source.

The Recommendations Report is a response based report to the data entered and is not meant to be an end all for your house. In fact, it's just the start. Your house is green already because it's built. The amount of Carbon, material and energy expelled at the time of its construction was less than it takes to dismantle or demolish and build a new house today.

It takes an engineer to tell you that your house is structurally sound, and if there's any question to that, please seek professional advice. GAPScore looks at your house in the best case scenario when it comes to recommendations. If there is any project recommended by GAPScore, it is recommended for you have a Professional perform the work and to follow local codes.

You may have done some good upgrades already.

GAPScore points you in the right direction.

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